HVAC product design. Our experienced and knowledgeable Design Division identifies the critical needs of the HVAC industry and ATS® meets those needs with new and inventive HVAC products. Our products have a three-year warranty, are standards-based, factory assembled, compact design, all-in-one units.

All assembled products are pressure-tested in the factory before shipping and come ready to install.


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Al Saad Stadium
Al Sadd Stadium, Qatar 
Al Saad Stadium
Qatar Sports Club, Qatar 
Al Saad Stadium
Ice Pad, Qatar 
Al Saad Stadium
Ice Pad, Qatar 
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Advanced Technical Solutions (ATS®) provides HVAC Systems Designs and solutions for Indoor and Outdoor Air Conditioning. We manufacture green products, aircon unit valves and parts, to help build energy efficient AC Systems that are environmentally friendly. ATS® supplies the marketplace with unique AC flow control devices, cutting-edge heating and cooling terminal units and unsurpassed HVAC services. We are innovative pioneers and leaders in HVAC technology and HVAC Systems Designs and solutions. Our expertise lies in meeting challenges for outdoor cooling solutions of large spaces located in extremely hot climates, especially the Middle East Gulf Region. Our team of engineers provides solutions for cost saving aircon unit valves and parts, and efficient indoor and outdoor air conditioning and heating for businesses, facilities, and organizations worldwide. Let us know how we can assist you with your heating and cooling challenges.


We honor and place a tremendous valuation on our business relationships at ATS®. Regardless of what ones connection to our company - business partner, supplier, investor, or customer, our company is dedicated to offering the most productive and positive experience for you. We built and developed a substantial portfolio and collection of best-in-class HVAC products. Having a powerful intellectual property position and placement around our company brands is a key to our success. Innovation and development is at the center of everything we strive to accomplish and for those reasons alone in the event that you are seeking to partner your business while achieving success, ATS® is the best choice.

To understand and respond to the many challenges
our customers face in accuracy, complexity and
efficiency of HVAC systems. Together with a diverse
portfolio of Green products, ATS® supports its
customers with top quality HVAC Systems Designs.
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