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FCU Link V3

ATS® FCU-Link™ is a factory-assembled and factory pressure-tested set of valves and accessories that intelligently and efficiently connect fan coil and terminal units to the piping network for heating and air conditioning units.

FCU-Link™ V3 is a heating or Air Conditioning Fan Coil - set of valves and accessories that are designed to connect the Fan coil unit and the terminal unit to the chilled water or the hot water piping networks within a building. It is a factory tested and ready to install unit.

FCU-Link™ V3 combines the pressure independent control valve, isolation valve, strainers, drain valve, flexible hoses and thermal insulation into a single assembly. This time and cost-saving unit, heating and air conditioning Fan Coil - set of valves is pressure tested in our factory and comes ready to install with instructions.

Compact Solutions that warrants Minimized design and risk Zero installation errors
Optimum space utilization with small compact product Easy for flushing and coil isolation
Guaranteed performance for the entire assembly set Specially designed thermal insulation for minimum condensation
  No specialized balancing team required for installation
Hi-flexibility in adding networks  

To understand and respond to the many challenges
our customers face in accuracy, complexity and
efficiency of HVAC systems. Together with a diverse
portfolio of Green products, ATS® supports its
customers with top quality HVAC Systems Designs.
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