FCU Link V2

ATS® Thermoelectric actuators are used for the discrete control of heating and cooling systems. The actuators are for opening and closing valves on heating circuit distributors of concealed floor heating and cooling systems.

The main field of application is the energy-efficient individual room temperature control in the range of building management systems and home automation.

Modern design Simple plug-in installation
Travel path variants 3.5, 4.0 or 5.0 mm 360 degree installation position
Guaranteed strokes over the complete lifetime Alignment aid on the valve
Power consumption of only 1 watt ( smart valve drive)  
Patented 100% protection in case of leaky valve  
High functional safety and long expected service life  

To understand and respond to the many challenges
our customers face in accuracy, complexity and
efficiency of HVAC systems. Together with a diverse
portfolio of Green products, ATS® supports its
customers with top quality HVAC Systems Designs.
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