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We strive to be an innovation leader in the global HVAC market.


To understand and respond to the many challenges our customers face in accuracy, complexity and Energy Efficient HVAC Systems solutions. Together with a diverse portfolio of green products, Advanced Technical Solutions (ATS®) supports our customers with top quality heating and cooling product design and project-based HVAC services.

Core ATS Values

Customer Satisfaction. We strive to surpass our Customers’ expectations.
Research and Development. We are dedicated to building groundbreaking, innovative technologies.
Quality Products and Services. We are committed to exceeding HVAC industry standards.
Efficiency. Excellence in performance is our fundamental principle.
Integrated process. We implement optimum methods for best process practices.
Competent workforces. Our driving force and success is due to our dedicated and professional Team.

Profitable growth: Advanced Technical Solutions pursues a strategy of profitable growth. A broad portfolio of green innovations and technologies places us in an ideal position to satisfy the diverse and constantly changing needs of our global customers. Our aim is to sustainably generate positive earnings for our clients while increasing the value of the company. This strategy is driven by the company's extensive technological and production expertise in Energy Efficient HVAC Systems solutions. An additional strategy for success is leveraging our aggressive research and development work to generate significant customer benefits – and, of course, absolute customer satisfaction. ATS® products and services target dynamic markets allowing the company to be a global market leader and major presence in the HVAC industry.

Innovation: “If it’s not innovative, it’s not ATS® is more than just a saying, it is how we operate. Innovation from Advanced Technical Solutions gives our customers novel solutions and allows us to tap inventive applications and markets. The innovative process broadens our existing base of business contacts and enables us to quickly seize new opportunities. Innovation safeguards the future of our company. On behalf of and in collaboration with our customers, we consistently accelerate development of new green products that are ever improving, and more cost-effective. All this innovation helps us get superior products to market faster and maintains our competitive advantage. We identify the needs of companies in the HVAC industry and work toward meeting the necessities and requirements with innovative products.

Quality: We are committed to providing our clients with outstanding quality and energy efficient HVAC systems solutions. We manufacture products with superior performance; provide creative and economical technical solutions and reliable service with the highest possible quality and care. Our products are among the most innovative in the HVAC industry.

To understand and respond to the many challenges
our customers face in accuracy, complexity and
efficiency of HVAC systems. Together with a diverse
portfolio of Green products, ATS® supports its
customers with top quality HVAC Systems Designs.
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