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The Outdoor Air Conditioning Challenge

To create a comfortable, relaxing and functional outdoor environment for visitors of the Katara Cultural Village in Doha, Qatar. Outdoor Air Conditioning project in one of the hottest regions of the world.

Imagine a pleasant looking outdoor seating area that overlooks the sea, but it so hot you could not possibly sit outside for more than a few minutes much less enjoy a meal or cool drink because of the scorching temperatures. The Katara Cultural Village had that problem, temperatures so hot that patrons could not sit and enjoy the outdoors. The village is made up of top notch restaurants, cinemas, shopping and other activities, and most everyone likes to sit and enjoy, but they won't do it if is too hot.

ATS® was called upon to take on this unique challenge, read below about the creative genius and innovative Outdoor Air Conditioning system they designed to allow people to enjoy a meal or cool drink outside even at the hottest time of the year.

The ATS® innovative solution

In the first design of its kind, ATS® has created an air-conditioned outdoor seating area in the Katara Cultural Village of Doha, Qatar. The Outdoor Air Conditioning project was finished in time for the 2009 opening of the cultural center. Now visitors are able to fully enjoy eating and socializing in this unique outdoor environment that is climate controlled even in the hottest and toughest Gulf region summers. This is another way that ATS® is raising the bar on projects for Outdoor Cooling of Open Areas.

The innovation is based on seating area with raised floor. The novel coils were installed in the raised floor so that the cold air breeze flows from the floor up. Datcha is now working in Doha, and the temperature in the seating area is 21 degrees centigrade (70 degrees Fahrenheit), cool enjoy for all relax and enjoy the surroundings.


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