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The Energy Efficient Outdoor Cooling System Challenge

To design an open stadium cooling technology with special emphasis on the comfort of the spectators. An energy efficient Outdoor Cooling System for players and sports fans.

On the Soccer Field: To achieve an energy efficient Outdoor Cooling system, Qatari engineers conducted exhaustive analysis and field measurements in an attempt to understand the wind flow and aerodynamics inside a soccer field at different wind conditions. They found that in some cases, the wind speed inside the soccer field is higher than the wind speed outside the soccer field! This is due to the stadium shade profile.

The simulating engineer found that when wind flows over a stadium, the upstream shade expands the wind flow, increasing its velocity.

The downstream shade, on the other hand, acts as a wind collector.

For Spectator Seats: Design engineers were asked to maintain the current structure and architecture while designing the air conditioning system. This created a challenge for them, since they would have to use whatever space that was available for the air conditioning equipment and to extend air ducts and cooling water pipes. The air will be collected and directed to inside the stadium causing eddies and back flows. This effect drastically affects the efficiency of an outdoor air conditioning system in the stadium.

The ATS® innovative solution

ATS® designed an unprecedented energy efficient and cost-effective air conditioning concept for the Qatar Sports Club, Doha, Qatar. In addition to the ground-breaking energy efficient Outdoor Cooling system design, ATS® developed a unique Double Shade Air-Stream Deflection System for the facility to overcome strong wind conditions.

This innovation of HVAC technology is a revolution in the outdoor cooling market. Design completed in 2011, this project will to enhance the enjoyment of hundreds of thousands of fans of several types of sporting and cultural events. Given that temperatures in this area can reach up to 50°C (122 °F) during the hot summer months, the players, event participants, and audiences revel in enjoyable comfort.


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